All About Ink

All About Ink

One of the most common questions our customers ask is, “What type of ink should I use?” It’s all a matter of personal preference. Different inks offer differ writing experiences, and we encourage Cross users to enjoy them all. Here’s a rundown of the types of ink refills we offer and how they can help you vary your writing.



The Ballpoint is a classic – that great basic for every day.
Ballpoint Ink is dry and long-lasting, ideal for extended writing sessions.
Fine Ballpoint Ink Refill has a .8mm tip and creates the slimmest line
Perfect if your handwriting is small and precise or you’re working on intricate drawings.
Medium Ballpoint Ink Refill has a 1mm tip and lays down more ink in a thicker line
Nearly all Cross Ballpoints come pre-loaded with this Medium Refill because it’s the most popular with our customers.
Broad Ballpoint Ink Refill has a 1.2mm tip and forms the boldest lines
We recommend this size to Ballpoint fans with a large handwriting style or to anyone who wants their writing to really stand out.



All Cross Rollerballs can be easily converted into a Ballpoint or Felt-Tip Pen. (But more on that in a moment)
Rollerball Pens use gel-based ink that glides smoothly across the page.
The specially formulated ink is more fluid, yet it dries quite quickly.
Great for leftiesthe ink won’t smudge onto hands while writing.
Medium Gel Ink Refill has a .7mm tip
Creates a strong, yet refined line with deep color. All Cross Rollerballs are filled with this popular Medium size.
Fine Gel Ink Refill has a .5mm tip
Creates an even slimmer, crisper line, but the ink flow remains satisfyingly fluid. Smart choice for very small handwriting, bullet journaling, precision work like drafting or completing forms and questionaries by hand.
UNIQUE BENEFIT: No need to carry multiple pens
When you prefer a ballpoint, just replace the Gel Ink Refill in your Cross Rollerball with ourdesigned-to-fit Cross Jumbo Ballpoint Refill (featuring that popular 1mm Medium Tip). Or switch it up again by using a Cross Felt-Tip Refill. Also known as a Porous-Point Marker, it hasa soft tip to create broader, darker strokes that stay crisp and precise. Felt-Tips are wonderful to use on handwritten letters and holiday cards.



Fountain Pens transform every act of writing into a moment of luxury.
They provide the smoothest flow of ink and require very little hand pressure.
Cross Fountain Pen Ink is tested to archival standards to resist fading and dry in a matter of seconds.
They give your signature a noteworthy presence and prestige on important documents.
Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges are as quick and easy to use as a standard Ballpoint Refill

Great choice if you’re just starting out with a Fountain Pen, or if you keep your pen with you every day. Neat, convenient and replaceable. Compact and easy to carry. Cross Ink Cartridgesdeliver optimum ink flow onto paper because we design them to sit close to the pen’s nib.

Bottled Fountain Pen Ink provides a more tactile, memorable experience
To use Bottled Ink, you just need to add a Cross Converter to your Fountain Pen. Now you can fill it by dipping the nib into the bottle and drawing ink up and into the pen. This traditional ink-filling method is a quiet, reflective ritual that can focus the mind and create a calming atmosphere for your writing session. You’ll just need a bit more time to fill your Fountain Pen this way. As avid Fountain Pen fans, we assure you it’s time well spent.


Now that you know more about your ink options, start exploring!


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