3 Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

3 Ways to Improve Your Handwriting

Have you noticed that your handwriting just isn’t what it used to be? You’re not alone, as so many of us are now relying on a keyboard or stylus throughout the day. But unlike digital forms of communication, handwriting is an extension of your personality, as unique as a fingerprint. Your writing style is one of a kind, and improving it only enhances its unique appeal. So follow these simple tips to spruce up your signature or enhance a thoughtfully written letter or note. Strive for personal flair, not perfection.


Nothing compares to the experience of writing with a finely-crafted pen that’s perfect for you. First, we recommend experimenting with different pen widths, weights and shapes to determine what feels most comfortable in your hand. You know best here. Next, consider the writing technology you’ll choose.

Ballpoint Pens work well with a firmer hand pressure, laying down dry, long-lasting ink.

Rollerball Pens use fluid gel ink that glides smoothly and dries quickly. Ideal for lefties – no smudging.

Fountain Pens feature a flexible nib that adapts to your own individual grip. They provide the smoothest ink flow and require little pressure.

For a more in-depth look at writing technologies, check out our Cross Product Expert’s blog article How to Choose the Right Pen.


Hold your pen between your thumb and index finger, with your middle finger underneath. The pen’s end should rest on the web of your hand or the index knuckle. Maintain a relaxed grip to produce the most legible writing. Avoid clutching tightly, tensing your muscles or pressing too firmly. Comfort is key.


Enjoy the experience. Pace your writing with mindful, even strokes. Be sure to fully complete or “close” your letters so that, for example, an O isn’t confused with a U. And remember that words are easier to read when they aren’t overly slanted. As you practice, drawing basic shapes and even doodling can improve your writing by keeping your mind and your pen on the page!

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